When I decided to write this blog, I did it for a few reasons.  First, I find it easier to maintain self-control and motivation when I’m in a group situation.  I’m not a loner.  I enjoy family and friends.  I like to share, to be a part of a bigger picture.  Second, I’m a feedback kinda girl.  I LIKE hearing praise and encouragement.  But, I also like providing praise and encouragement.  I derive much satisfaction when I help someone else realize their worth and accomplish their goals.  Third, I know I’m not the only person who struggles with weight loss and maintenance.  Many of the Schwalm girls struggle with their weight.  There are only a few of us who don’t!  So, if my public struggle can help anyone with their private struggle, even better!  Last, I am not ashamed of me.  I take full responsibility for every choice I made to bring myself to this point in my life.  Some were good, some were not well thought out, some were impulsive, some were just plain bad.  (There are five decisions I will never regret, their names are Joshua, Matthew, Rebekah, Hannah and Dallas.)  If my honesty helps someone else realize the choices they made also brought themselves to the same place with their weight struggle that I am in, then good!

People can be very cruel and judgmental.  We see it all over FaceBook; the American public is so opinionated about everything it seems.  Nobody knows how to play nicely in the sandbox.  Everybody is filling their own pail and refusing to share the shovel, throwing sand at each other and drawing lines in it.  It’s disheartening.  Why would anyone volunteer to share any part of themselves so publicly?  You open yourself up for a world of hurt.

So, I’m writing on Thursday night and replay my video in my head again.  And then I click  the “Publish” button.  What I shared was very personal to me.  I couldn’t even manage to articulate replies to my comments, although I will admit to crying.  I was waiting for judgment.  I was waiting for someone to demolish my dream, tell me I was ridiculous or tell me what I shared was somehow inappropriate.  And it didn’t come.  Thank you so much for the positive responses, via  comments, text messages, and private messages.  It meant the world to me.

I made it through yesterday.  Troy didn’t hurt me too much since we were doing baseline measurements and cardio only yesterday.  I was at the gym for two hours!!!  It won’t be long every time, only once a month for my evaluations.  My cohort in crime, Becki, came home from Israel finally.  Her office is next to mine at work and it’s been very empty!!  We went to the movies, catching the final Harry Potter before it left the theater.  We were both hungry, considered our options at the concession counter and agreed we’d rather go out for a late dinner afterwards.  Becki had a soda, I opted for water.  Dinner was worth the wait!  We went to Genghis Grill.  I piled on the marinated beef, onions, mushrooms, tofu, snow peas, green onions and baby corn.  Topped it off with Steakhouse spices and Kung Pao sauce with something noodlish.  I forgot what kind of noodle.  Anyway, it was PERFECT.  I ate all the beef first, remembering my promise to Troy to eat more protein for my muscles.  I ate everything else except the noodles.  I think I only had a couple of bites.  I was comfortably full and no longer feel the need or obligation to eat everything on my plate, whether I pay for it or not.

Below are the results of my Fitness Evaluation

  • Body Fat:  43.8%
  • Three Minute Step Test (heart rate): 170 beats per minute
  • Upper Body Strength Test:  35 pounds, 30 repetitions
  • Lower Body Strength Test:  104 pounds (?), I think I did 20 but he didn’t write it down!
  • Flexibility:  -2 inches
  • Planks:  50 seconds

Here are my Measurements (in inches):

  • Neck:  15.25
  • Chest:  44.25
  • Shoulders: 45.75
  • Waist:  45.50
  • Hips: 51
  • Bicep (R): 13.75
  • Bicep (L): 13.75
  • Thigh (R): 24
  • Left (L): 24
  • Calf (R): 14
  • Calf (L): 14

I took my own blood pressure this morning, since this is a personal health concern:


Resting heart rate: 68 beats per minute.

Hannah and I are off to get her before-school hair cut.  I’m going to take her to Ruby Tequila’s because, after reading my blog the other night, she feels it is absolutely necessary she try that fajita burger!



  1. 13 August, 2011 at 1:36 PM

    That restaurant sounds good…, protein for muscles? ok….I can do that…:) I kept looking for your blog last night and waited and waited….LOL….yeah, I’m hooked. Glad you posted today….don’t want you to give up…

    • TealThumb said,

      14 August, 2011 at 1:45 PM

      I’m not giving up! 🙂

      According to Troy, Obstructor of Obesity, the pain I suffer with after a grueling workout is a result of my muscle tissue being broken down. In order to build it back up, stronger, my muscles need a protein source, so yes, more protein.

  2. Sharon Donovan said,

    13 August, 2011 at 1:56 PM

    I’m wondering what kind of restaurant Ruby Tequila’s is. Is that a Texas thing? 🙂

    I love your thoughts on putting yourself out there for all to see. You are amazing, Donna. You seem very comfortable with who you are and do not sling blame at anyone for your decisions. We all strive for that, I think……some of us aren’t so successful, though.

    Love you.

    • TealThumb said,

      14 August, 2011 at 1:42 PM

      Ruby Tequila’s is a Texas thing. 🙂 They have a good salsa, different from most, but flavorful. Lots of thick tomato. Their chips are tasty, with a sprinkling of spice. Every other Mexican restaurant I’ve been to (I’ve been to a ton!) bring their chips out bare-naked. The subtle favor is a nice change. But that fajita burger? It’s just an explosion of flavor in your mouth! The meat isn’t fatty, it’s not tough and again, soooo flavorful. If I want a burger, from now on, I’ll get it at Ruby Tequila’s. I won’t bother with a burger from anywhere else anymore.

      Love you, too.

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